Unmemory by Kristi DeMeester A Flash Review by Emily Reed "...the memory of a film was the closest to a haunting we would encounter in our lives." Unmemory was the third book I've read this year by Kristi DeMeester, and she is the greatest. She writes such gorgeous and unsettling scenes, and Unmemory did not... Continue Reading →


A Gathering of Shadows

The Novellas of Kealan Patrick Burke Reviews by Tony Jones Kealan Patrick Burke is one of those authors, that since he arrived on the horror scene in 2005, has regularly and successfully moved between the three major lengths of fiction; novels, novellas and short stories. This article will concentrate on his novellas, reviewing seven of... Continue Reading →

Hank Early Double Review

Hank Early Double Review: Heaven’s Crooked Finger & In the Valley of the Devil One of the most rewarding things about reviewing so many books is the fact that I am continually being blown away by new discoveries. However, many of these ‘discoveries’ are tips from fellow reviewer friends who are often my top go-to... Continue Reading →

Of Fangs and Growing Pangs

Teeth by Kelli Owen Review by Tony Jones If you’re one of the legions of horror fans who have in recent years grown tired of our fanged friends then Kelli Owen’s Teeth puts some serious bite back into an anaemic genre. Vampires must be on the comeback trail as I also recently read a second... Continue Reading →

Of Missing Children and Maniac Gods

Maniac Gods by Rich Hawkins Review by Tony Jones Rich Hawkins caught my eye a couple of years ago with the superb King Carrion and his latest release Maniac Gods is better and possibly even bleaker. It is currently available on Kindle Unlimited in both the UK and USA and is an outstanding introduction to... Continue Reading →

Of Wooden Words and Patron Saints

Spree and Other Stories By Lucy Taylor Review by Shane Douglas Keene When I think of Clive Barker, I think foremost about his Books of Blood and his achingly, enviably brilliant Book of the Art series, an incomplete trilogy that currently encompasses The Great and Secret Show and Everville. And while that may seem like... Continue Reading →

Of House Gods and Aphrodisiacs

All Hail the House Gods by Andrew J. Stone Review by Shane Douglas Keene In this edition of “What the Hell Did I Just Read” I take on the sophomore work of a young artist who I firmly believe is a major up and comer in the field of subversive bizarro literature. It was not... Continue Reading →

My Monster: A Short Film by Izzy Lee

My Monster: Written and Directed by: Izzy Lee Starring: Brea Grant, Steve Johansen, and Adam Egypt Mortimer Length: 8 mins I think it was just last year I had my first experience with writer/director Izzy Lee’s bizarrely wonderful writing and filmmaking style. Over on Shudder there’s a little eleven minute long film called Innsmouth that... Continue Reading →

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