White Knight and Other Pawns

White Knights and Other Pawns by Bracken MacLeod Book Review by Sadie Hartmann Bracken MacLeod is a talented writer; he’s a skilled author of many genres. I discovered this when I read 13 Views of the Suicide Woods last year. There were about a dozen short stories in that collection and I was so impressed... Continue Reading →

Hank Early Double Review

Hank Early Double Review: Heaven’s Crooked Finger & In the Valley of the Devil One of the most rewarding things about reviewing so many books is the fact that I am continually being blown away by new discoveries. However, many of these ‘discoveries’ are tips from fellow reviewer friends who are often my top go-to... Continue Reading →

Unreliable Noir – by Alan Baxter

Until recently--literally just a few days ago--I’d not read the work of Alan Baxter. I’ve had his novel Hidden City waiting in my review queue for quite some time but haven’t gotten to it yet. But when his newest novella Manifest Recall I was deeply intrigued by the synopsis because it sang strongly to the... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again by John C. Foster

I have a bad habit. One of the curse/blessings of the writer is enjoying the act of writing. Not just of seeing their words on the page, of reading them and being satisfied with the final product, but loving the process of thinking and planning, of tap-tap-tapping at the keyboard and watching the letters crawl... Continue Reading →

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