Two Constant Readers in Conversation: Tony Jones interviews Chad A. Clark

Tracing the Trails: A Constant Reader’s Reflections on the Work of Stephen King by Chad Clark Two Constant Readers in Conversation : Tony Jones interviews Chad Clark   In a recent post we reviewed author and Constant Reader Chad Clark’s incredible multi-year odyssey into the work of Stephen King Tracing the Trails. Chad read every King... Continue Reading →


Lowell George and the Art of Dying Young

A Conversation With John Hornor Jacobs By Rich Duncan Today on Ink Heist we're happy to welcome John Hornor Jacobs with a stellar, exceptionally in-depth conversation about books, writing, music, and his new novella, The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky. John's breakout debut Southern Gods is one of the best books I've read in decades and... Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Hank Early

Ink Heist chats with Hank Early: On a Journey to Heaven’s Crooked Fingers If you flick back to a recent post we have a double review of Hank Early’s truly terrific mystery thrillers Heaven’s Crooked Finger and sequel In the Valley of the Devil. If you’re looking for an outstanding page-turner, which is quite simply... Continue Reading →

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