Haunting the Halls of Horror #1

Haunting the Halls of Horror Revisiting the Works of Robert McCammon By: Tony Jones When Ink Heist recently interviewed Chad Clark on his massive multi-year study Tracing the Trails: A Constant Reader’s Reflections on the Work of Stephen King we asked him whether he thought any other authors would be worthy of such a huge... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack to Story by Brian Fatah Steele

Soundtrack to Story  By Brian Fatah Steele Music plays a major part in my writing process, as essential as chugging coffee and chain smoking. A new writing project can’t begin until I’ve found the right soundtrack. There have been multiple times that I’ve struggled at the beginning of the writing because the soundscape hasn’t fit... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Ken Greenhall

Why, you might ask, am I sending birthday wishes to a dead guy? Well, there are a number of reasons, the most important of which is Ken Greenhall was a great, criminally underrated horror author who spent his career in utter obscurity, eventually giving up on it altogether and disappearing into seeming oblivion until his death... Continue Reading →

Countess of Blood by Catherine Cavendish

We are excited to welcome back Catherine Cavendish back to Ink Heist to share a new guest post about the inspiration behind her novella Miss Abigail's Room, which was recently re-released through Crossroads Press. Catherine's work often uses inspiration from history and her post "Countess of Blood" focuses on a figure that is well known to... Continue Reading →

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