A Coming of Age Metamorphosis

The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste Book Review by Emily Reed "You can't stop the girls from becoming what they became." The Rust Maidens is my third Gwendolyn Kiste book this year, and she crushed it again. I love everything I've read by her, and it is going to be a must-read for fans when... Continue Reading →

Unmemory by Kristi DeMeester

Unmemory by Kristi DeMeester A Flash Review by Emily Reed "...the memory of a film was the closest to a haunting we would encounter in our lives." Unmemory was the third book I've read this year by Kristi DeMeester, and she is the greatest. She writes such gorgeous and unsettling scenes, and Unmemory did not... Continue Reading →

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