Tag: Carpenter’s Farm

30 (Death Redux)

30 (Death Redux) the Death Card again, we’re backat the end, we’re back at a beginning true change occurs,everysingleday,evolution a turning wheel,switching out our possibilities,each moment changing potentiality,reconstructing usat every revolution of the […]

28 (Judas Kiss)

28 (Judas Kiss) As you stand there explaining your monstrosity,or cradle yourself in the arms of a betrayer,waiting for your Judas kiss,other gears turn, grind, drop into placeWater stolen from the land is […]

26 (The Hard Line)

26 (The Hard Line) Willow trees fall like shadow in the sun,or shadow falls like willows hewn,it’s kind of hazyA razor sharp line, deep red,cuts a wound through living, breathing flesh,susurrates, expands, impossibleThere […]

24 (Dissonance)

24 (Dissonance) every now and then a glanceleft or right reveals amissing presence,dark flicker ofsilhouette,reminding me I am heavier beneaththe loss of a weightI needed to carryfurther in my imagination, you plummet,disintegrate, meltingbefore […]