16 (Loop)

16 (Loop) In the ragged stretch of time between theafter and before shots,in the bleak beyond the night wherethe Sandman waits,there’s no sleep for youuntil you find the brick that tripped you, […]

13 (Butterfly)

13 (Butterfly) Mad-Hatted Cheshire butterflygleefully body-slamming naked glass,blood-smear, red slide of pure joy,fully embracing its sudden lackof Freedom, a girl with no legssuddenly proclaiming, fuck it, i can dance but it isn’t […]

12 (Going in Blind)

12 (Going in Blind) this is always the hard part going in blind opening a book you knownothing about, authorless,sans cover and plot, butrife with nondescripttheme, pellucidinnuendo; bleak, beautiful, barrenas a salt […]

11 (Paper Doll)

11 (Paper Doll) I am a terrible liar;I can’t convince myself of the falsehoods Inow know to be true I wandered mazes of concern and fear,looking for a way through, questions asked,repeated, […]

10 (You)

10 (You) sometimes incoming messages filterthrough clouds of mistranslationuntil the message becomes nothingmore than its own response, “we can’t talk right now,“you understand…” we were nine minus 1 then1 flew the coop, […]

9 (Salad Days)

9 (Salad Days) “My salad days,When I was green in judgment,cold in blood…”Wm. Shakespeare – Antony and Cleopatra nostalgia is a fickle bitch, only usefulin the company of drinking strangers,those who’ve known […]