A Deviant Eloquence by Sara Tantlinger

A Deviant Eloquence: The Words of H.H. Holmes By Sara Tantlinger There’s an infamous quote that is easily found on the internet and attributed to the serial killer H.H. Holmes. Perhaps you’ve read it before: “I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no... Continue Reading →


Announcing The Isle by John C. Foster

Anyone who has followed either Rich or I for any length of time will be aware that when it comes to favorite authors, John Foster is way high on both our lists. He’s responsible for having created two of my favorite novels of the last decade in the form of the dark, surreal, noir dripping... Continue Reading →

Countess of Blood by Catherine Cavendish

We are excited to welcome back Catherine Cavendish back to Ink Heist to share a new guest post about the inspiration behind her novella Miss Abigail's Room, which was recently re-released through Crossroads Press. Catherine's work often uses inspiration from history and her post "Countess of Blood" focuses on a figure that is well known to... Continue Reading →

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