Where Do You Get Your Ideas? By Willie Meikle

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? By Willie Meikle It's a question all writers have heard. And in the case of my latest book, The Green and The Black, I didn't fully realize where it had come from while I was writing it. A chunk of it takes place in a Newfoundland hospital. It was... Continue Reading →


Horror at the Holiday Inn Express

Finding the Fear A Guest Post by Tim McWhorter When asked, “where do you get inspiration for your stories?” my customary answer is “anywhere and everywhere.” I know, it’s a lame and incredibly unexciting answer. But not only is it the absolute truth, I’m sure many other writers would concur. Like a stand-up comedian who... Continue Reading →

The Price You Pay by Glenn Rolfe

We're excited to welcome horror author Glenn Rolfe to Ink Heist today to talk a little bit about his upcoming novel The Window, which will hit your reading devices and shelves on September 28th. In this guest post, Glenn talks about the inspiration behind writing The Window and some of the personal events that help shaped the story.... Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Hank Early

Ink Heist chats with Hank Early: On a Journey to Heaven’s Crooked Fingers If you flick back to a recent post we have a double review of Hank Early’s truly terrific mystery thrillers Heaven’s Crooked Finger and sequel In the Valley of the Devil. If you’re looking for an outstanding page-turner, which is quite simply... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal and an Excerpt

At the End of the Day I Burst Into Flames A New Novella by Nicholas Day Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of Nicholas Day's brilliant brand of strange fiction. His 2017 collection Now That We're Alone was a revelation to me, an instantaneous favorite that made of me an ardent and... Continue Reading →

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