Cover Reveal – Doorbells at Dusk

Carve your pumpkins and turn on the porch light, Halloween frights begin with the sound of… Doorbells at Dusk. But first, before we get ahead of ourselves, peek at the beautifully artistic cover for this anthology and learn the title and contributors! It’s enough to make you want to fast forward to Fall isn’t it?... Continue Reading →


Signals From The Abyss #1

Rich Duncan: Along the Trail One thing Shane and I wanted to do when we first launched Ink Heist was to have a section that focused on nonfiction. We love doing reviews and other features that are standard in the world of horror fiction, but we felt there was a lot of cool nonfiction related... Continue Reading →

Thriving On Difference

Jon O’Bergh Makes a Case for Diversity I’ll make a confession: I thrive on diversity. I’ve always been that way, ever since I was a kid. Perhaps growing up gay heightened my sensitivity to difference, but it could just as easily have been something intrinsic to my nature. I like diversity not only because it’s... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Ken Greenhall

Why, you might ask, am I sending birthday wishes to a dead guy? Well, there are a number of reasons, the most important of which is Ken Greenhall was a great, criminally underrated horror author who spent his career in utter obscurity, eventually giving up on it altogether and disappearing into seeming oblivion until his death... Continue Reading →

Promoting Your Book On Twitter

A Crash Course By Nick Younker Indie authors have been on the scene now for years, but getting their work out there is still one of the biggest challenges they face in the marketplace. Even though Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) gives you some options for getting your work seen, it usually falls flat. For... Continue Reading →

Countess of Blood by Catherine Cavendish

We are excited to welcome back Catherine Cavendish back to Ink Heist to share a new guest post about the inspiration behind her novella Miss Abigail's Room, which was recently re-released through Crossroads Press. Catherine's work often uses inspiration from history and her post "Countess of Blood" focuses on a figure that is well known to... Continue Reading →

Unreliable Noir – by Alan Baxter

Until recently--literally just a few days ago--I’d not read the work of Alan Baxter. I’ve had his novel Hidden City waiting in my review queue for quite some time but haven’t gotten to it yet. But when his newest novella Manifest Recall I was deeply intrigued by the synopsis because it sang strongly to the... Continue Reading →

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