A Crash Course in Broken Hearts

Collision - Stories by J.S. Breukelaar A Book Review by Shane Douglas Keene While I couldn’t by any means be called a newcomer to the works of speculative fiction author J.S. Breukelaar, she is a relatively new discovery for me. With the exception of a few short and breathtaking stories, two of which are now... Continue Reading →

Women in the Shadows

10 Horror Films Directed by Women by Shane Douglas Keene This is something we don’t talk about a lot but should. When people talk about cinema, horror in particular, you always hear a group of usual male suspects names being bandied about when it comes to speaking of directors. And while I’m certainly not going... Continue Reading →

Flowers from Amaryllis: An Exclusive Excerpt

Today we're happy to have this exclusive excerpt from Christa Carmen's story, "Flowers from Amaryllis." That story and more can be found in her new collection, Something Borrowed, Something Bloodsoaked. Check out this synopsis and stick around after the cut to check out this intriguing excerpt from the story. Synopsis: A young woman’s fears regarding the gruesome... Continue Reading →

Broken Glass On Concrete

My Top Five Crime Reads of 2018 By John C. Foster Blood stained dollar bills. The burn of alcohol and smell of cordite. Crime fiction is visceral and alive, even as it dances with death. It’s about the struggle taking place on the last rung of the ladder. Who will fall. Who will climb. Crime... Continue Reading →

Haunting the Halls of Horror #1

Haunting the Halls of Horror Revisiting the Works of Robert McCammon By: Tony Jones When Ink Heist recently interviewed Chad Clark on his massive multi-year study Tracing the Trails: A Constant Reader’s Reflections on the Work of Stephen King we asked him whether he thought any other authors would be worthy of such a huge... Continue Reading →

24 Bottles of Blood on the Wall

Shane Douglas Keene's Favorite Reads of 2018 Okay, I confess this list is somewhat disjointed, akin to my ADHD addled brain and all over the fuckin’ place, but it is what it is. I read so incredibly many great books last year that this list has been as impossible to nail down as putting on... Continue Reading →

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