Category: Carpenter’s Farm

30 (Death Redux)

30 (Death Redux) the Death Card again, we’re backat the end, we’re back at a beginning true change occurs,everysingleday,evolution a turning wheel,switching out our possibilities,each moment changing potentiality,reconstructing usat every revolution of the […]

28 (Judas Kiss)

28 (Judas Kiss) As you stand there explaining your monstrosity,or cradle yourself in the arms of a betrayer,waiting for your Judas kiss,other gears turn, grind, drop into placeWater stolen from the land is […]

26 (The Hard Line)

26 (The Hard Line) Willow trees fall like shadow in the sun,or shadow falls like willows hewn,it’s kind of hazyA razor sharp line, deep red,cuts a wound through living, breathing flesh,susurrates, expands, impossibleThere […]

24 (Dissonance)

24 (Dissonance) every now and then a glanceleft or right reveals amissing presence,dark flicker ofsilhouette,reminding me I am heavier beneaththe loss of a weightI needed to carryfurther in my imagination, you plummet,disintegrate, meltingbefore […]

23 (The Death Cure)

23 (The Death Cure) able to keep hold of the biggest partsof herself, storing the corpses of others inmemory coffins, wailing to be woken– resistant to themselves but falling likemissing puzzle pieces into […]

22 (Feast of Lies)

22 (Feast of Lies) deception is a candle thatchokes itself out, relights,suffocates, relights,smothers, rekindles, untilit isn’t a candle at allanymore,not even adept imitation,merely ball of amorphouswax that can no longerreignite, no smoke […]