Book Review: Out Behind the Barn by Chad Lutzke and John Boden

"Join Chad Lutzke and John Boden for a trip out behind their barn” Review by Tony Jones Before I open the door into Chad Ludzke and John Boden’s excellent novella Out Behind the Barn a brief diversion into the history of the story is in order, as it is eloquently explained by Chad in the... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Vahalla Lane: We’re All About Revenge Here by Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi

Today Shane and I are excited to welcome Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi to Ink Heist! Erin is one of the hardest workers in the horror genre and has made her presence felt in various facets of the publishing world. She released her debut collection last year and has had numerous stories appear in anthologies and magazines... Continue Reading →

The Price You Pay by Glenn Rolfe

We're excited to welcome horror author Glenn Rolfe to Ink Heist today to talk a little bit about his upcoming novel The Window, which will hit your reading devices and shelves on September 28th. In this guest post, Glenn talks about the inspiration behind writing The Window and some of the personal events that help shaped the story.... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack to Story by Brian Fatah Steele

Soundtrack to Story  By Brian Fatah Steele Music plays a major part in my writing process, as essential as chugging coffee and chain smoking. A new writing project can’t begin until I’ve found the right soundtrack. There have been multiple times that I’ve struggled at the beginning of the writing because the soundscape hasn’t fit... Continue Reading →

Signals From The Abyss #1

Rich Duncan: Along the Trail One thing Shane and I wanted to do when we first launched Ink Heist was to have a section that focused on nonfiction. We love doing reviews and other features that are standard in the world of horror fiction, but we felt there was a lot of cool nonfiction related... Continue Reading →

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