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Shane Keene

A book reviewer, author, columnists, and musician living in Portland, OR.

17 (White Rabbit)

17 (White Rabbit) “One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you smallAnd the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all”–Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane), “White Rabbit” I wake up […]

16 (Loop)

16 (Loop) In the ragged stretch of time between theafter and before shots,in the bleak beyond the night wherethe Sandman waits,there’s no sleep for youuntil you find the brick that tripped you, […]

13 (Butterfly)

13 (Butterfly) Mad-Hatted Cheshire butterflygleefully body-slamming naked glass,blood-smear, red slide of pure joy,fully embracing its sudden lackof Freedom, a girl with no legssuddenly proclaiming, fuck it, i can dance but it isn’t […]

12 (Going in Blind)

12 (Going in Blind) this is always the hard part going in blind opening a book you knownothing about, authorless,sans cover and plot, butrife with nondescripttheme, pellucidinnuendo; bleak, beautiful, barrenas a salt […]

11 (Paper Doll)

11 (Paper Doll) I am a terrible liar;I can’t convince myself of the falsehoods Inow know to be true I wandered mazes of concern and fear,looking for a way through, questions asked,repeated, […]

10 (You)

10 (You) sometimes incoming messages filterthrough clouds of mistranslationuntil the message becomes nothingmore than its own response, “we can’t talk right now,“you understand…” we were nine minus 1 then1 flew the coop, […]

9 (Salad Days)

9 (Salad Days) “My salad days,When I was green in judgment,cold in blood…”Wm. Shakespeare – Antony and Cleopatra nostalgia is a fickle bitch, only usefulin the company of drinking strangers,those who’ve known […]

8 (Line)

8 (Line) line what’s that line from that moviewhere the hero lived to die aloser? or the one from that western wherethe man in black rode off happy intosunset, while the man […]