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26 (The Hard Line)

26 (The Hard Line) Willow trees fall like shadow in the sun,or shadow falls like willows hewn,it’s kind of hazyA razor sharp line, deep red,cuts a wound through living, breathing flesh,susurrates, expands, impossibleThere […]

24 (Dissonance)

24 (Dissonance) every now and then a glanceleft or right reveals amissing presence,dark flicker ofsilhouette,reminding me I am heavier beneaththe loss of a weightI needed to carryfurther in my imagination, you plummet,disintegrate, meltingbefore […]

22 (Feast of Lies)

22 (Feast of Lies) deception is a candle thatchokes itself out, relights,suffocates, relights,smothers, rekindles, untilit isn’t a candle at allanymore,not even adept imitation,merely ball of amorphouswax that can no longerreignite, no smoke […]

21 (Judas Supper)

21 (Judas Supper) struggle in your skin,rage from your dungeon,dive into freedom,a flaming butterflyinto pellucid shallows liberation feels a lot likefear, tastes like doubt,swallows like lumpsof cold regret, raw asgobbets of pulsingflesh […]