Started by Rich Duncan and Shane Douglas Keene on April 14, 2018, Ink Heist is a ‘Zine devoted to speculative fiction and film of all types, including crime, noir, neo-noir, and horror, as well as poetry, creative nonfiction, and literary or visual hybrids that cross genres. Our primary goal is to spotlight the best dark fiction in the industry via reviews, interviews, essays, and a multitude of features that basically boil down to whatever we feel our readership may be interested in. Going into its second year, Ink Heist is changing gears, ramping up our content and slowly steering this inky ship towards a more journalistic approach. Our primary goal is to support and spotlight great fiction, film, authors, and artists and to promote literacy and learning through reading and writing.

About Shane Douglas Keene

Shane Douglas Keene, of Shotgun Logic, is one of the founders, columnists, and editors for Ink Heist, as well as being a semi-regular contributor to Horror DNA and a sometime contributor to Gingernuts of Horror and This Is Horror. Shane was born and still lives in Portland, OR with his wife, three dogs, hordes of books, guitars, and art supplies. He is an avid consumer of high-quality fiction, nonfiction, and blues and heavy metal. When he isn’t reading, he writes about books and authors, creates nonfiction, poetry, and fiction, and tweets copiously about those subjects in the interest of spreading the word and encouraging literacy.

About Rich Duncan

Rich Duncan, formerly of The Horror Bookshelf, is an avid reader and reviewer of dark fiction and the other half of the Ink Heist editorial team. Rich is a native of the suburbs of Philadelphia but now resides in Central New York with his wife and daughter. He grew up immersing himself in R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series and Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark which featured the unsettling, yet utterly terrific illustrations of Stephen Gammell. Those two series were his introduction into the world of horror fiction and he has been hooked ever since. Horror is his first love, but he is equally drawn to crime and noir. If your book is gritty and dark, chances are he’ll love it.

When he isn’t reading or searching for vintage paperbacks, Rich watches an unhealthy amount of movies and blasts independent, underground music from the 80s until now.