Cover Reveal: Stephanie Ellis & Shane Douglas Keene “Lilith Rising”

Today we’re excited to help spread the word about the exciting, upcoming release from Stephanie Ellis and Ink Heists own Shane Douglas Keene, Lilith Rising. Lilith Rising is a novella told in epic poetry form that poses the question: “What if the biblical progenitors of humanity were bent on its eventual destruction?”  Lilith Rising was performed by both Stephanie and Shane in real-time, with no pre-determined outline. Instead, they let the story flow through them and the result is an epic and dark as fuck work of art. Between the free-flowing nature of the project, the gripping synopsis and the blisteringly talented creatives behind Lilith Rising, this is a must-have book for any Horror fan’s collection. Now, I’ll get the hell out of the way and introduce you to the kick ass cover and synopsis for Lilith Rising!

Like evolution itself, nothing about the story in these pages was born of a plan. It’s a collection of ‘What ifs’. The authors didn’t discuss the story in advance, they simply performed it.

The penultimate premise?

What if the biblical progenitors of humanity were bent on its eventual destruction

The answer is here between these covers, in the form of a heavy-metal meltdown fueled by rage, passion, firepower and hellfire. This is epic poetry like you’ve never read before – irreverent, gruesome, horrifying, heartrending. It will make you think, and it will clarify the meaning of the phrase:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 

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