Episode 3.02 – Shortwave Conspiracies with Jessica Leonard

Welcome to the Ink Heist podcast, which is devoted to dark genre fiction, featuring hosts Rich Duncan, Shane Douglas Keene, Laurel Hightower and a whole bevy of authors and other interesting guests for your listening and enlightening pleasure. We are a very irreverent, often linguistically explicit broadcast so we highly recommend you use discretion when listening around easily influenced young ones or anyone who is easily offended. We would like to thank the band Secret Smoker for allowing us to use their song “Crushed by Air” to kick-off and finish the podcast.

This week, we’re excited to have the opportunity to welcome Jessica Leonard to the show to celebrate the release of her debut novel, Antioch, which is out now through Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing! Antioch was the quintessential small town where nothing ever happened and people felt safe, until a serial killer dubbed “Vlad the Impaler” savagely murdered six women and plunged the town fear. There are little clues for the local police to go on and it seems like any leads they might’ve had are drying up. Until local bookseller Bess sits down at her short-wave radio one night and picks up a series of strange transmissions. Bess likes to read about unsolved mysteries, but now she suddenly finds herself investigating one. The three of us at Ink Heist are obsessed with this novel! It’s the perfect blend of crime and horror with plenty of creepiness and ambiguity that will keep you flipping the pages late into the night.

Throughout the course of the episode, we talked about ANTIOCH, starting in the Litreactor community, working through edits, Amelia Earhart, character development, creepy audio experiences and so much more. We had a lot of fun recording this episode and learned a lot from Jessica and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

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