Episode 2.61 – Writing in the Dark with Tim Waggoner

Welcome to the Ink Heist podcast, which is devoted to dark genre fiction, featuring hosts Rich Duncan, Shane Douglas Keene, Laurel Hightower and a whole bevy of authors and other interesting guests for your listening and enlightening pleasure. We are a very irreverent, often linguistically explicit broadcast so we highly recommend you use discretion when listening around easily influenced young ones or anyone who is easily offended. We would like to thank the band Secret Smoker for allowing us to use their song “Crushed by Air” to kick-off and finish the podcast.

This week we’re excited to welcome Tim Waggoner to the show to discuss his latest book on the craft of writing, Writing in the Dark, which is out now through Raw Dog Screaming Press. Tim’s a prolific author who is very familiar to horror fans and has published over 50 novels, 7 collections and numerous short stories in addition to teaching writing at the university level. This was an engaging conversation where we talk a lot about the writing process and some key moments in Tim’s career as a writer and educator. All of us at Ink Heist have read Writing in the Dark and we agree that this is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in writing in the Horror genre or even if you just have an interest in the genre itself. It is loaded with great advice told in a conversational tone and exercises that will help you put these concepts into practice. Whether you’re a new writer just getting started on their journey or a veteran author that’s already been published, Writing in the Dark has something for everyone and is an essential addition to your shelves.

Throughout the course of the episode, we talked about the importance of reading, early influences, Tim’s teaching career, finding your process, creativity, creating Writing in the Dark, writing in different styles, tie-ins, and so much more. We had a a lot of fun recording this episode and learned a lot from Tim and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did.

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