Dead Head Reviews is Getting an Overhaul

Dead Head Reviews is Changing


Founded in summer 2019 by Garrett Witt, Dead Head Reviews is a growing platform within the Horror Community. But due to changes that took place over summer and autumn 2020, the website’s current admins, Ellen Avigliano and Elle Turpitt, have made the decision to revamp the website under a new name. Although the core focus will remain on Horror, the website will also branch out to cover horror-adjacent genres such as Sci-Fi, Dark and Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and more. The revamp will reflect this, as well as the website’s dedication to uplifting diverse and marginalised voices, previously under or misrepresented within genre fiction.

As before, the website will continue with the sort of events and features readers have enjoyed, such as dedicated promo weeks for books, and month-long events for Pride and Women in Horror among others.

The name of the website is changing, but it will retain the core elements embraced in its first year, while expanding to include others. Going forward, Dead Head Reviews will become

Divination Hollow Reviews


Divination Hollow is a house, inhabited by the witch Broomhilda, and the ghostly residents, currently consisting of –

Ellen Avigliano

Elle Turpitt

Becca Futrell

Jason Cavallaro

Regi Caldart

Tabatha Wood

Michelle Enelen

Cassie Daley

Richard Gerlach

Dan Riley

Zack Figueroa

Nik Small

And of course, Garrett Witt, who started the website originally with Aiden Merchant. The team has seen others come and go, and the admin team are thankful to all contributors who helped make DHR something truly unique.

The website will also embrace articles and essays alongside reviews, and hope to expand into covering films, video games, TV shows, and more. They are always willing to hear from writers, reviewers, artists and other creators, and accept pitches for features via the website.

The website will be changing to divinationhollow.com, but for the time being it will also remain listed as deadheadreviews.com so please ensure you’re following the social media accounts to keep up to date. Ellen and Elle welcome all feedback and suggestions, and contact details can be found on the website.

Please join us soon in Divination Hollow – we look forward to welcoming you.

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