Episode 2.29 – Cocktails at The Sundowner with Jessica Laine

JessicaLaineWelcome to the Ink Heist podcast, which is devoted to dark genre fiction, featuring hosts Rich Duncan, Shane Douglas Keene, Laurel Hightower and a whole bevy of authors and other interesting guests for your listening and enlightening pleasure. We are a very irreverent, often linguistically explicit broadcast so we highly recommend you use discretion when listening around easily influenced young ones or anyone who is easily offended. We would like to thank the band Secret Smoker for allowing us to use their song “Crushed by Air” to kick-off and finish the podcast.

This week, we’re excited to welcome Jessica Laine to the show to talk about her writing and her upcoming reading series co-hosted with Angel Luis Colón, Two Bad Apples Present Reading for Relief. This is an exciting event loaded with readings from some of the best writers working in fiction today and will take place on both Thursday, June 25th and Friday, June 26th at 7 p.m. EST. Trust us when we say this is an event you’ll want to be a part of, so click the link and reserve your spot today. We had an absolute blast talking with Jessica, who became one of our favorite writers after we read her genre-bending story “The Sundowner” in the stunning anthology ¡PA’QUE TU LO SEPAS! and “Lust to Love” in Murder-A-Go-Go’s If you haven’t read either anthology, we highly recommend picking up copies of both. Also, Jessica references a story based on a personal ghost story called “Lily of the Valley”, which you can read online at The Norwegian American.

During the course of the episode, we discuss the genesis of “The Sundowner”, being a part of ¡PA’QUE TU LO SEPAS! , submitting to anthologies, the Two Bad Apples Reading series, living in Minnesota, lifting up diverse voices, the genres that influence her writing, a potential series with Margarita from “The Sundowner”, the impact of the pandemic on writing, a personal ghost story, and so much more. 
NOTE: This starts mid-conversation due to recording errors at the start. We felt the conversation was too interesting to cut out so it we left it as-is.

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