Cover Reveal: Underworld Dreams by Daniel Braum

Today we are excited to bring you the cover reveal for Daniel Braum‘s upcoming collection, Underworld Dreams, which will be out September 1st from Lethe Press and a special discount! This is Braum’s third collection and as fans of his previous work, this is definitely a book you want to add to your bookshelves. Braum is a master of the short form, crafting stories that feature multi-dimensional characters and shatter traditional genre conventions. If you’d like to check out his short fiction, pick up The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales and The Wish Mechanicsall of which are currently available now. Also, don’t miss Braum’s debut novel The Serpent’s Shadowa unique take on Cosmic Horror influenced by Aztec culture. Below we have the full-size cover art for Underworld Dreams and some information about the stories within. This is a collection you don’t want to miss.

Also, Daniel and his publisher Lethe Press were kind enough to offer our readers $5.00 off the list price of Underworld Dreams! All you have to do is click the link and pre-order your copy, no special codes or anything. Daniel is one of our favorite writers and we want to thank him and Lethe for allowing us to share this special offer with you.


Take a journey through these dark underworlds and revel in strange experiences that illuminate the world you know. While you are there you might encounter…

Beautiful sharks seeking revenge on land. * A fur coat that may be haunted * A young rock and roller who is not careful what he wishes for * Unexpected soldiers in a supernatural war over an Australian concert hall * A subway tunnel that should not exist * A doppelganger born from the lightless depths of a coral reef on the continental shelf *

and many more strange stories full of tension between the supernatural and psychological.

Underworld Dreams is Daniel Braum’s third short story collection.  It is released September 1, 2020 from Lethe Press.

Appearing in the volume for the first time is the original story “Between Our Earth and Their Moon” and the original novella, the title story, “Underworld Dreams (Sogni del Mundo Sotteraneo)” along with an introduction and story notes by the author.

Daniel Braum spins a unique blend of fiction that effortlessly blends horror, weird fiction, science fiction, horror, and literary fiction in every tale. Defying conventional categorization his stories take you on a journey investigating the unexplainable at the edges of civilization and back again.  Braum’s multi-dimensional characters are drawn into dark worlds where the supernatural experiences they face are catalysts to explore the human condition.

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