Time to Meet the Evil Muppets


Here’s something special. Ink Heist has a story coming soon, courtesy of author and fellow podcast host, Laurel Hightower. I’m not going to out the name or the day just yet, but soon. In fact, listen to the podcast on Tuesday and you’ll find out just how soon.

But I will tell you this. It’s a story made of pieces of Hightower’s own heart, constructed in pain as only a woman understands. It’s a story she is obviously passionate about, and it’s obviously important to her, and Rich Duncan and I feel exactly the same. It is important and timely. It’s also brutal, terrifying, and heartbreaking. We think most of you will read it and also be passionate about it and its content, those intensely real issues that Laurel addresses. Most of you will feel that way because you’re amazing. Some of you may be passionate too, but in the form of outrage. And we’ll be fine with that. To you a hearty, “Glad you found this, glad it pissed you off, have a nice day, and fuck you.”

To the rest of you, if you have read Laurel’s work, the exceptional quality of this will come as no surprise, but it will punch you in the gut. To those of you who haven’t, it will be a revelation, the scales will drop away and you’ll see why I say “this is why you should read all the Hightower.” She has a story coming soon in the Shamrock Silver anthology Midnight in the Pentagram from Ken H.C. McKinley, a novella called Crossroads coming from Off Limits Press (that I also know to be amazing), and her brilliant debut novel Whispers in the Dark is available now from Journalstone. You’re going to find yourself needing all of those when this poignant, horrifying, and abiding story drops. Promise.

One final note. When Laurel first said she wanted to give this story to you, Rich and I discouraged her. We feel the story is worth pro-rates and we don’t have the scratch. You’ll see why we feel that way. But if Hightower has her mind set on something, just shut the fuck up because it’s happening, son. And thus, this story is her gift to you, because it’s important to her, and she feels it’s important to our community–I concur–and I’m pretty sure this is to everyone from Laurel, but especially for all the women in our community.

Whispers In The Dark

Purchase Whispers in the Dark from IndieBound or Bookshop

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