Cover Reveal: Rise, by Jackson R. Thomas

Rise by Moonlight – Becoming the Beast

On this Werewolf Wednesday, Ink Heist is happy to have the honor to share with you the cover for Jackson R. Thomas’ new book from Alien Agenda Publishing, Rise. This thing has a ’70s pulp feel to it that makes us want to read it ASAP. You should too. Check out the synopsis, then take a gander at the awesome full-size cover art below the fold.

In Coopers Mills, Maine, there is a legend…

Six years after the brutal attacks in Coopers Mills, something has returned. Sheriff Kathy Wilcox has seen enough blood and death to break a person, yet she perseveres and keeps watch over her quiet corner of the North East. But the beauty and the serenity of her rural county is about to be shattered.

Ben Cutter, one of the only people to come face-to-face with the Beast of Brenton Woods and survive, has reached his full potential. In a world of lies and betrayal, he is about to set his demons free, and he doesn’t want anyone here getting out alive.

Darkness has fallen, screams fill the night sky, and the white wolf wants to devour every last pound of flesh. Return to Coopers Mills under the full moon’s light and prepare for carnage.

Splatterpunk Award-nominated author, Jackson R. Thomas returns with RISE, the sequel to 2018’s THE BEAST OF BRENTON WOODS.

About the author:Jackson R. Thomas has lived in Colorado, New York, and now resides in Coopers Mills, Maine with his cat, Gizmo.

He loathes social media, and has worked as a janitor, fast-food slave, record store clerk, and night auditor at an unnamed hotel on Route 1.

He loves horror books, horror films, and the band, Ministry.
His debut novel, THE BEAST OF BRENTON WOODS continues to sell well, and his second book, PARADISE, MAINE has just been nominated in the BEST NOVELLA category for this year’s Splatterpunk Awards.

RISE will be unleashed in eBook and paperback on April 3rd.

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