Introducing: Original Fiction to Ink Heist!

Back in March, we posted an article announcing “Version 1.5” of Ink Heist where we outlined some changes we made to get the site a little closer to where we wanted it to be. The major change was overhauling the design of the site to reflect more of “magazine” approach instead of a traditional blog. We launched some new features like “A Bloody Bestiary” and finally jumped feet first into the podcast world thanks to an opportunity to help promote The Fearing by John F.D. Taff. Seriously, without John approaching us, I think Shane and I would still be planning out how to launch a podcast. So a huge thank you to John for giving us the push we needed. Since starting Ink Heist, the amount of support we’ve received from the horror community has been overwhelming. We can’t thank everyone enough for offering us words of support, reading and sharing our content and just being incredibly supportive. And a big thank you to the authors and other industry professionals who have supported us and lent their time to be featured on the site whether it be through guest posts or a podcast appearance. Shane and I love running Ink Heist, it’s our biggest passion and we are constantly brainstorming ideas and looking at ways to make it a site everyone loves to read. We’re also proud to be a part of such an incredible community full of kind, supportive people that we are lucky to call our friends.

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce another huge step in our evolution – bringing original fiction to Ink Heist. The decision to feature original fiction is always something we planned for in the future, but we had a burst of inspiration for a unique format experiment that sped up our timeline a little bit. The idea was inspired by the concept of spontaneous creation – what would happen if we invite writers to let their imaginations run wild and craft a story in a limited time frame? We gathered some insight on a realistic timetable and settled on roughly three weeks for a 1,500 word story from conception to completion. We may come up with themes in the future, but for now, we’re just inviting authors to write whatever moves them. The first story to appear on Ink Heist comes from one of our favorite authors, John F.D. Taff. We shared the opening to his story “Love Tap” last week on Twitter, but just in case you missed it, we’re including it again below. The plan is to feature the story in October and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the Halloween season! We’re excited to bring original fiction to our readers and we hope you guys enjoy the stories.

We are currently doing invite only as we launch the fiction side of the site and get used to the process. We hope to open to submissions in the future!

“Love Tap”
By: John F.D. Taff
©2019 John F.D. Taff


In Stacey’s mind, each drop of water fattened, glistened at the end of the tap, plopped against the bathtub’s white porcelain. It took her mind off the jangling of the bedsprings, the slap of the headboard, the labored breathing of the man above her.

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