Flying at the Speed of Strange


Hey, Kids. Meerkat Press is a favorite publisher here at Ink Heist, and Kathe Koja is among our favorite authors of all time. So we’re extremely excited that this book is going to be a thing and honored to be a part of this cover reveal we’re doing here today. Velocities will be the first, and much longed for, collection by Koja in more than 22 years now and Meerkat, as they do, are doing it up right. Check out the beautiful cover art and book details below and mark your calendars. You’re going to want this fucker as soon as it bleeds off the presses. Dig.

Book Info:

Release Date – April 2020
Description – Kathe Koja’s second short fiction collection, Velocities, is dark, disturbing, and heartfelt. It includes thirteen stories, including two never before published, all flying at the speed of strange.

Bonus: Click here to listen to Kathe Koja reading one of the stories, exclusively at Meerkat: https://www.meerkatpress.com/kathe-kojas-velocities-cover-reveal-on-8-5-19/



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