Grind Your Bones to Dust Will Grind Your Bones to Dust

Grind Your Bones to Dust by Nicholas Day

Cover Reveal

Man are you guys in for some amazing shit later this year, with awesome books oozing out of the cracks in the walls and those strange gouges in the ceiling. And Fall is going to be one of the most exciting seasons of the year in 2019. My TBR and my workload tell me so as I’m gearing up through the next couple months for a busy as fuck September. And one of the things coming out this Fall, one of the things you should be most excited about, is Nicholas Day’s amazing horror/crime/historical hybrid, Grind Your Bones to Dust. It’s a symphony of violence and humanity like you’ve never seen before, with some of the most fucked up, oddly beautiful, and perfectly developed characters I’ve ever encountered before. A tale of love, loss, vengeance, and redemption steeped in the kind of emotive darkness that only Nicholas Day is capable of evoking. Oh, and flesh-eating donkeys. There’s that, too.

I’ll be writing a full review of this one soon, and will keep you apprised of release dates, pre-order links, and whatnot, so keep an eye on this space. In the meantime, check out this incredible cover by Daniele Serra, one of the best horror artists in the business.


About Nicholas Day:


Nicholas Day writes predominantly within the horror, science fiction, and crime genres. He has studied creative writing at Southern Illinois University and at Seton Hill University. He co-owns Rooster Republic Press with fellow writer Don Noble, and their first child, a videogame called Heckpoint, is expected to arrive on Steam before the end of 2017. Nicholas’s novella, Necrosaurus Rex, and his collection of short fiction, Now That We’re Alone, are both available through JournalStone and Bizarro Pulp Press. He is currently working on a multitude of projects, including two full-length novels, a novella, and a screenplay.

You can find him at:




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