Introducing “A Bloody Bestiary!”

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Summer is the season of Hollywood blockbusters, ranging from action flicks loaded with explosions to monster films with rampaging creatures leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Here at Ink Heist, we wanted to launch a series that captures the spirit of warm weather and carefree entertainment.

Shane and I both have a huge affinity for “creature features” and every other subgenre that could possibly fall under that umbrella. Mutants, monsters, cryptids, kaiju, deadly animals…you name it, we probably love it. That’s why we decided to launch “A Bloody Bestiary,” a summer-long series that will find us posting a variety of content celebrating the most vicious beasts the literary world has to offer. We’ll be covering both vintage and modern horror and examining styles that range from more serious to seriously pulpy.

There’s sure to be buckets of blood, plenty of mayhem and a menagerie of creatures that will make you think twice about venturing outdoors this summer. It’s sure to be a wild adventure and we hope you’ll join us!

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