And The Winners Are…


Ink Heist has been both delighted and proud to host this team of creatives, featuring John Foster’s words, and Linda Jones narrative mastery, the Audible edition of John’s novel, The Isle, is something to be excited about and eager to possess, and if you didn’t win, you should definitely hie thee to Audible and get it for yourself. Stick around for a synopsis of the story after the break!

In the meantime, congratulations to our winners. You’re in for one hell of a treat. Really, one Hell of a treat.

And the winners are:

Mikhail Rapoport Jr.

J. Travis Grundon

Michael Fowler

Cassandra Darens

S.D. Vassallo

Purchase the audiobook of The Isle here.

About The Isle

Expose the Darkest of Secrets at the Edge of the World

A deadly menace threatens a remote island community and every man, woman, and child is in peril. Sent to the isle to collect the remains of a dead fugitive, US Marshal Virgil Bone is trapped by torrential storms.

As the body count rises the community unravels, and Bone is thrust into the role of investigator. Aided by a local woman and the town pariah, he uncovers the island’s macabre past and its horrifying connection to the killings.

Some curses are best believed.

Sometimes the past is best left buried.

And some will kill to keep it so.

Praise for The Isle:

“With The Isle, John Foster makes a twenty-first century contribution to the tradition of the New England Gothic…. Fast-moving, gripping, it’s a tale straight from Old Man Atlantic’s barnacled treasure chest.” (John Langan, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Fisherman)

“Brooding and claustrophobic, one hell of a scary ride. You won’t soon forget your visit to The Isle.” (Tom Deady, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Haven)

“Dripping with claustrophobic malice, crawling with dread and otherness, The Isle is a journey into places best left alone. A chilling, disturbing, compelling tale.” (Alan Baxter, award-winning author of Devouring Dark and Manifest Recall

Proudly presented by Grey Matter Press, the multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated independent publisher.

Grey Matter Press: Where Dark Thoughts Thrive

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