Giveaway – 5 Audiobook Copies of “The Isle”

Today we’re happy to team up with John C. Foster and Linda Jones to give away five audiobooks of John C. Foster’s The Isle to five lucky readers to celebrate the audiobook release! If you’re not familiar with the book, here’s a quick rundown as it appeared on our Top Reads of 2018 list:

Foster creates a memorable atmosphere and a perfect balance of folk horror and noir in The Isle and it’s a book that will appeal to any dark fiction fan. The novel features a damaged protagonist with demons buried in his past who visits an island whose residents harbor a dark secret. There are plenty of great twists and the setting of an isolated island that seems like a throwback to a simpler time in the early winter months make this is a book that should be an annual winter read. I love that Foster manipulates the timelines within the main narrative by featuring flashbacks to Bone’s past that led him to this island and the chilling recollection of The Isle’s frightening past. If you haven’t read any of Foster’s work, this is a great place to start.

Click this link to enter for a chance to win one of five audiobook codes of this amazing novel written by John C. Foster and narrated by Linda Jones.

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