Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight – Gemma Amor

The Path through Lower Fell

Today we’re spotlighting another author/artist combo in the form of Gemma Amor. Her debut collection, Cruel Works of Nature, published by Haunted House Publishing in December of last year, has gotten a lot of positive attention and received a lot of high praise from some trusted sources in the horror industry. And if the first story in the book, “Foliage,” is any indication, it promises to be a damn good book that I’m highly anticipating. But I’m not here to talk about Gemma’s writing skills. I’ll be doing that soon too, but right now, I want to show and tell you about the artwork contained within.





Because, in addition to being a talented young author, she’s also quite adept with illustration. I mean to say, really fucking good, as you will see. and to add some sugar to the already sweet prize that is Cruel Works of Nature, the collection is riddled with her artwork. Each story begins with one of her absolutely stunning drawings and, once again if that first story is an indication, enhances and clarifies the work it’s attached to.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box


In addition to enhancing the stories themselves–with which the images share their titles–The drawings themselves are a treasure to be admired and cherished. Gemma’s line work is superb and her control of contrast between the bright lights and the glorious darks is outstanding. The artwork itself is worth the price of admission, but this book has so much more going for it.

It sees you when you're sleeping

It Sees You When You’re Sleeping

In addition to illustrating Cruel Works of Nature, Gemma will also be doing the artwork for her next collection, Til the Score is Paid, coming out sometime later this year so watch for that. Also, if you’re in the market for a top-notch illustrator for your book or other creative endeavors, Gemma is available for hire. You can contact her for a quote at




Purchase Cruel Works of Nature from Amazon or IndieBound


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