Cover Reveal: Born in Blood Volume I by George Daniel Lea

Today we’re happy to spread some more joy from Max Booth III and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. George Daniel Lea has a brand new collection coming on February 12 and, if that weren’t excitement enough, allow me to sweeten it up: it’s just the first of a planned two volumes! Check this badass cover and synopsis and do click either the cover or the link at the end to go purchase this beautiful thing!

born in blood vol1 ebook

Born in blood . . . the first breath and all that follow, tainted by original trauma, echoing throughout every thought, every heartbeat; blossoming into more profound pain, until breath and thought both cease . . .
What we grow accustomed to . . . what we can endure: 
The days bleed into one another, as we do; hurt defining every moment. 
No more. Now, all instants are one; pulsing brilliant, ecstasy and agony, rendered down; experienced in a heartbeat. 
Every shame. Every sorrow. Humanity, history. This is what we are; the God we gave birth to. 
Better? Yes. Yes. Now, we all suffer the same; no more division; no privilege or powerlessness. We are the same; sexless, skinless, ex sanguine. 
And we celebrate, content in our disgrace.


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