The Purity of Crimson

The Purity of Crimson by Beverly Lee

Book Review by Emily Reed

“We live on the edge of wild and bloody midnights, clothed in ceaseless cold and driven by perpetual hunger.”

the purity of crimsonThe Purity of Crimson is the third and final book in the Gabriel Davenport series. I was late getting into this series, and only read the first two books a month ago, but I am so glad that I found it. Beverley Lee is a skilled storyteller with an amazing ability to write detailed characters. This a fantastic vampire series, and I was thoroughly invested throughout all three books.

Each book picks up where the previous one left off, and I like that. You’re immediately thrown into the story, and Beverley’s writing is so easy to get invested in. The chapters are short, and I enjoy hearing from different characters.

The Purity of Crimson focuses mainly on the vampires, and significantly less on the Manor. It’s perfectly understandable since this is a series & things need to move and change, but I really loved the Manor storyline & was a little sad that there wasn’t much focus on it. It makes sense with the direction the story headed in; it’s just my personal preference.

There are new characters added in this book, and I found it a little hard to keep track of everyone at times. Since they were introduced in the final book, I didn’t really get a chance to know them like I did with the previous characters, so I didn’t really feel anything toward them.

Although the chapters were short, at times it felt like there was a lot of waiting and planning going on. This makes sense based on what was happening in the story, but I found myself wishing that the lead-up to the ending would have been a little shorter.

I loved this series. I had so much fun getting to be back with these characters for another book, and if more books happened to appear later on, I would be so excited to read them. Everything wrapped up really well – Beverley did a great job completing a series, and I was completely satisfied with this being the ending. I highly recommend picking up this series – it was so entertaining and well-written. I can’t wait to see what Beverley does next!




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