Of House Gods and Aphrodisiacs

All Hail the House Gods by Andrew J. Stone Review by Shane Douglas Keene In this edition of “What the Hell Did I Just Read” I take on the sophomore work of a young artist who I firmly believe is a major up and comer in the field of subversive bizarro literature. It was not... Continue Reading →

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The Women We Should Be Writing – by Renee Miller

The Women We Should Be Writing By Renee Miller Until I focused on writing speculative fiction, I never thought about my gender. Never identified myself as a “female” writer. I didn’t consider myself a “minority” or as “marginalized.” I was just a writer, same as everyone else. Now these labels creep into everything I do... Continue Reading →

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Unreliable Noir – by Alan Baxter

Until recently--literally just a few days ago--I’d not read the work of Alan Baxter. I’ve had his novel Hidden City waiting in my review queue for quite some time but haven’t gotten to it yet. But when his newest novella Manifest Recall I was deeply intrigued by the synopsis because it sang strongly to the... Continue Reading →

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My Monster: A Short Film by Izzy Lee

My Monster: Written and Directed by: Izzy Lee Starring: Brea Grant, Steve Johansen, and Adam Egypt Mortimer Length: 8 mins I think it was just last year I had my first experience with writer/director Izzy Lee’s bizarrely wonderful writing and filmmaking style. Over on Shudder there’s a little eleven minute long film called Innsmouth that... Continue Reading →

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