The Dark Side of the Novella: Interviewing Kealan Patrick Burke

The Dark Side of the Novella: Interviewing Kealan Patrick Burke Ink Heist is delighted to follow our recent feature on the novellas of Kealan Patrick Burke with a detailed interview covering many of those stories and other aspects of his writing. If you’re never explored the dark fiction of this fantastic Irish writer, a number... Continue Reading →

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A Gathering of Shadows

The Novellas of Kealan Patrick Burke Reviews by Tony Jones Kealan Patrick Burke is one of those authors, that since he arrived on the horror scene in 2005, has regularly and successfully moved between the three major lengths of fiction; novels, novellas and short stories. This article will concentrate on his novellas, reviewing seven of... Continue Reading →

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Announcing The Isle by John C. Foster

Anyone who has followed either Rich or I for any length of time will be aware that when it comes to favorite authors, John Foster is way high on both our lists. He’s responsible for having created two of my favorite novels of the last decade in the form of the dark, surreal, noir dripping... Continue Reading →

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Announcement: The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky

A New Cosmic Horror Novella by John Hornor Jacobs I don’t remember exactly how I happened upon it, but back in October of 2011 I discovered and devoured a book called Southern Gods, the debut novel by then budding superstar John Hornor Jacobs. That book was a revelation to me. I became an instantaneous and... Continue Reading →

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Who Doesn’t Love Giant Monsters? by Russell James

Today Shane and I are excited to welcome author Russell James to Ink Heist! Russell dropped by to talk about his love for monster movies and the inspiration for his Grant Coleman books with Severed Press. If you've yet to read any of the series, you're doing yourself a disservice. They are action-packed stories full... Continue Reading →

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The Nitty Gritty

The Nitty Gritty by Bob Ford, author/contributor to Lost Highways It’s safe to say most of us are acquainted with teachers, accountants, engineers and a normal assortment of people in our lives. It makes day-to-day acceptable and comfortable. Nothing wrong with that. Lots of characters hold those posts in fiction and the old adage write... Continue Reading →

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Forever October by Michelle Garza

FOREVER OCTOBER October is my favorite month, not only for the horror love getting amped up but because the season bares some strange and mystic fruit of times long gone, it implores us remember our dead and in the wind change can be felt climbing up your back to whisper in your ear the tragedies... Continue Reading →

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Horror at the Holiday Inn Express

Finding the Fear A Guest Post by Tim McWhorter When asked, “where do you get inspiration for your stories?” my customary answer is “anywhere and everywhere.” I know, it’s a lame and incredibly unexciting answer. But not only is it the absolute truth, I’m sure many other writers would concur. Like a stand-up comedian who... Continue Reading →

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