Signals From the Abyss #3 by John F.D. Taff

I Grew Up in a Haunted House By John F.D. Taff I am a believer in ghosts. Let's get that out of the way right up front. I believe. I have often stated that my childhood was built on a strong foundation of reading, and much of that reading was of ghosts and monsters and... Continue Reading →

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A Conversation With Hank Early

Ink Heist chats with Hank Early: On a Journey to Heaven’s Crooked Fingers If you flick back to a recent post we have a double review of Hank Early’s truly terrific mystery thrillers Heaven’s Crooked Finger and sequel In the Valley of the Devil. If you’re looking for an outstanding page-turner, which is quite simply... Continue Reading →

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Hank Early Double Review

Hank Early Double Review: Heaven’s Crooked Finger & In the Valley of the Devil One of the most rewarding things about reviewing so many books is the fact that I am continually being blown away by new discoveries. However, many of these ‘discoveries’ are tips from fellow reviewer friends who are often my top go-to... Continue Reading →

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Little Black Spots and Epic Apocalypses

Wow. What to say about this amazing fucking piece from John F.D. Taff? Well, probably the best thing would be to not say much at all and just welcome you to the show. John’s amazing collection Little Black Spots releases on September 18 from Grey Matter Press and his epic apocalypse novel The Fearing releases... Continue Reading →

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Writing Characters by Albert Wendland

Today we have Science Fiction author Albert Wendland talking about his characters and how he writes and develops them. We're happy to welcome Albert to Ink Heist and we hope you enjoy his post as much as we do. Writing and Developing My Main Characters By Albert Wendland, author of In a Suspect Universe The... Continue Reading →

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Cover Reveal and an Excerpt

At the End of the Day I Burst Into Flames A New Novella by Nicholas Day Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of Nicholas Day's brilliant brand of strange fiction. His 2017 collection Now That We're Alone was a revelation to me, an instantaneous favorite that made of me an ardent and... Continue Reading →

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Soundtrack to Story by Brian Fatah Steele

Soundtrack to Story  By Brian Fatah Steele Music plays a major part in my writing process, as essential as chugging coffee and chain smoking. A new writing project can’t begin until I’ve found the right soundtrack. There have been multiple times that I’ve struggled at the beginning of the writing because the soundscape hasn’t fit... Continue Reading →

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Guns, Drugs & Money

We thought we'd share another seven of our favorite reads with you, this time featuring novels and novellas with a thread of organization running through them. Organized crime, that is. With mobsters, drug dealers, cartels, and gangsters galore, there's something we really love about this type of fiction and, given the selection, we think you... Continue Reading →

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