A Coming of Age Metamorphosis

The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste Book Review by Emily Reed "You can't stop the girls from becoming what they became." The Rust Maidens is my third Gwendolyn Kiste book this year, and she crushed it again. I love everything I've read by her, and it is going to be a must-read for fans when... Continue Reading →

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OBSIDEO: The Conclusion

After a week of frightening posts spread throughout the horror community, the terrifying story that inspired Brian Kirk's Will Haunt You reaches its conclusion. We were honored to be a part of sharing this story with everyone as it is genuinely frightening and who doesn't love a scary mystery? However, as we ready the final installment, it... Continue Reading →

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OBSIDEO: A Prequel to WILL HAUNT YOU (Part 1)

Today Shane and I are excited to welcome author Brian Kirk to Ink Heist. Brian reached out to us a few weeks ago to talk about his upcoming book from Flame Tree Press, Will Haunt You. Through the course of our discussion, Kirk revealed a strange event he experienced that inspired his book and we asked if... Continue Reading →

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White Knight and Other Pawns

White Knights and Other Pawns by Bracken MacLeod Book Review by Sadie Hartmann Bracken MacLeod is a talented writer; he’s a skilled author of many genres. I discovered this when I read 13 Views of the Suicide Woods last year. There were about a dozen short stories in that collection and I was so impressed... Continue Reading →


RESURRECTING THE CHRISTMAS GHOST STORY Gather ‘round the fireplace and lend me your ears. The creak in the attic is only the wind. Inhale the scent of the fir tree and drink your mulled wine, that face at the window is no more than snow. The shadows are only shadows and basement murmurs are the... Continue Reading →

Dark Origins

Dark Origins: Myths and Their Beginnings By Somer Canon Origin stories are a big deal to us. We love the beginnings of heroes, villains, sidekicks, and desperately unfortunate people. Of course, it has to go beyond your average air-sucker walking the streets fantasizing about a cheeseburger in order for the story to be good. We... Continue Reading →

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